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PT. Asuransi Bintang Tbk Syariah Business Unit was established on February 19, 2007 since the Copies of the Minister of Finance On Permitting Opening Syariah Branch Offices No. KEP-025 / KM.10 / 2007 came out on February 19, 2007. The establishment of syariah business units are our answer to the insurance needs which is managed according to Islamic principles and also to expand the insurance network that increasingly competitive and comprehensive.

Syariah Products
  1. Motor Vehicle Insurance Syariah
  2. Fire Insurance Syariah
  3. Personal Accident Insurance Syariah
  4. Personal Accident and Employee Benefit Insurance Syariah
  5. Marine Cargo Insurance Syariah
  6. Health Insurance Syariah
  7. Motor Vehicle Cash Benefits Insurance Syariah
  8. Travel Umrah Insurance Salaam Safar

Syariah Insurance is an attempt to help each other (ta'awuni) and protecting (takafuli) among the participants through the establishment of a collection of funds (Tabarru ') managed under sharia to face certain risks.

Syariah Akad is meant is that doesn’t contain gharar (fraud), maysir (gambling), riba, zhulm (persecution), risywah (bribes), haram and immoral.

The main principles in Syariah Insurance is Risk Sharing principles not Risk Transfer principles. The risk is not transferred from the participants to the insurance company (Risk Transfer), but divided or to be shared among the participants. In the context of Syariah Insurance, the insurance company is no longer an insurer in a business risk but as an Organizer while participants (not be insured) but their already bind himself / join with other participants for helping in the face of risk. The Parties agree to provide a contribution proportional to the risk that has to be collected and used to pay for the damages suffered by members who joined in the group.

Akad that are used in Sharia Insurance are :
    1. Akad Tabarru is an agreement in the form of grant funding from one participant to the other participants gathered at Tabarru 'for the purpose of mutual help among the participants, which is not and is not for commercial purposes. 2. Akad Wakalah bil Ujrah is wakalah which authorizes the organizer as representatives of participants to manage Tabarru ', corresponding authority given, in return granting ujrah (fee) in accordance with the mutual aggreement. 3. Akad Mudharabah is an agreement of cooperation between the organizer as mudharib (Fund Manager) and the participants as Shohibul maal (Owner Funds) in exchange for profit sharing amount in accordance with the collective agreement.
Differences Sharia Insurance and Conventional Insurance

On 29 September 2006, came out a Letter of Recommendation from DSN MUI No. U-245 / DSN-MUI / IX / 200 dated 6 Ramadhan 1427 H / 24 September 2006. MUI National Sharia Council can make recommendations for the establishment of sharia business units.

Operational Chart

Notes: X%: Percentage Tabarru ' fund
Y%: Percentage Ujroh organizer
Z%: Percentage Cost for the payment of commissions intermediary
a%: Percentage of underwriting surplus for Participants
b%: Percentage of underwriting surplus for Tabarru ' fund c%: Percentage of underwriting surplus for organizer

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