Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the things frequently asked questions and answers that might be useful to you.

How to do the simulation of purchasing an insurance?

You can do the simulation by clicking the premium simulation under the slide show on our homepage.

How to be an Asuransi Bintang agent?

You can be an Asuransi Bintang agent by performing the following steps:
- Click the icon Agent on the part of our feature on the homepage
- Select Register Now

Any insurance product that can be purchased through e-commerce?

You can buy personal accident insurance, car insurance and home insurance, by clicking on the e-commerce link on the homepage, or by going to the product page of our personal insurance.

How do I know the address of the Asuransi Bintang branch offices?

Address of Asuransi Bintang branches throughout Indonesia you can see by performing the following steps:
- Click the Services menu in the menu header
- Select the Branch Offices menu

How can I check the status of the policy and extend my insurance policy?

To check or extend the policy, you must perform the following steps:
- Click the Renewal and Check Policy icon & on our homepage
- Enter your insurance policy number on the search engines
- Display of your insurance policy information will appear on the screen
- If you want to extend the policy, click the 'Renewal My Policy'
- Select a download form

Is there a way to ask questions directly to the Asuransi Bintang customer service?

You can inquire directly to our customer service through service chat feature by clicking the "live chat" located under the e-commerce link on our homepage. You can also open a pop-up live chat feature in the top right corner on every page of our site.

What document is my insurance policy consists of?

You have an insurance policy that consists of a schedule policy and provisions of the policy (policy wording). These documents contain everything was secured and unsecured in your insurance policy. Schedule Policy detailing the policyholder, the insured risk, the insurance period and details of the insurance premiums.

How much is the sum insured for every benefit in my policy?

The amount of your sum insured and reimbursement limits for any benefit contained in Schedule Policy that you have.

How do I make changes to my policy?

You can contact our call center at 1500 481 or send an email to You need to tell us if there are any changes to the insured object that insured or against the personal details of the policyholder and the insured.

When should I renew my policy?

2 (two) months before your policy expires (please see the policy expiration date on Schedule Policy), you will receive an renewal offer from us. Please check back for insurance coverage based on your current needs before extending the policy and confirm the policy renewal before your policy expires.

How do I make a claim?

Contact our customer service on 1500 481 immediately for emergency assistance and claims submission guidelines. As a hint, do not forget to save the document on all the damages and losses of the events in question. You will need to complete a claim form which you can download at If your question is not answered here, please send an email to or call us at 1500 481.

  • Call Center:
    1500481 (24 jam)
  • SMS Center:
    (+62) 838 888 4581
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Head Offices :
Jl. RS Fatmawati No.32, Jakarta 12430
Telp: (021) 7590 2777 (hunting)
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