Jenry Cardo Manurung

Short profile, education history, and work experience of the

Corporate Secretary/Director Jenry Cardo Manurung can be seen in

the Curriculum Vitae of Director section.




  1. Keep up with the development of the Capital Market, especially laws and regulations in force in the Capital Market sector;


  1. Provide inputs to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of Issuers or Public Companies to comply with the provisions of laws and regulations in the Capital Market sector;


  1. Assist the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners in the implementation of corporate governance that includes:
    1. Information disclosure to the public, including the availabilit of information on the Website of the Issuers or Public Companies;
    2. Timely submission of reports to the Financial Services Authority;
    3. Implementation and documentation of General Meeting of Shareholders;
    4. Implementation and documentation of meetings of the Board of Directors and/or the Board of Commissioners;
    5. Implementation of company orientation program for the Board of Directors and/or the Board of Commissioners.
  1. As a liaison between the Issuer or Public Company and the shareholders of the Issuer or Public Company, the Financial Services Authority, and other stakeholders.




  1. Responsible for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  2. Prepare and support company documentation and be responsible for documents required to comply with the regulator’s regulations, such as Company licenses, Government licenses, Notary deeds, and Shareholders & Commissioners' documents
  3. Fill-in and distribute all documents received by the Corporate Secretariat.
  4. Prepare and support documents signed by the Board of Directors with appropriate administration and provide numbering issued by the Corporate Secretariat. The documents include Company letters, Authority Letters, Directive Letter, and Agreement.
  5. Handle, maintain and follow up all Company Documents.
  6. Updated with Government Regulation
  7. Provide services to the public related to company information.
  8. Law as a bridge between the company, OJK (Bappepam LK), and Investor.
  9. 9. Responsible for every issue.
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